New, classic, fun foods at the Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES – If it’s on a stick, fried or smoked, chances are you’re at the Iowa State Fair.

After waiting a year, thousands of fairgoers finally got to enjoy all the foods they’ve come to associate with at opening day of the Iowa State Fair.

Jane “Mama Jane” Harris, of Pensacola Fla., has been selling funnel cakes at the Iowa State Fair for years. This year she brought her pineapple inside-out funnel cake, for visitors to try.

“It’s a play on words for pineapple upside down,” she said. “Since we deep fry it, it can’t be upside down, so it’s inside out. It pops with a tangy, sweet mixture. It’s a recipe I’ve fixed for my kids for years.”

Fairgoers seemed to enjoy it.

“It’s very good,” said Dawn Smith of Des Moines. “Sweet and good.”

Fairgoers also enjoyed the classic tenderloin, but with a twist.

“It’s a tenderloin with bacon on the inside and out,” said Kiara Conner, an employee at Diamond Jack’s. “The bacon is baked in the tenderloin. It also has lettuce and tomato. It’s really popular.”

Debbe Yakle of Marshalltown tried the bacon tenderloin for the first time.

“I can’t really taste the bacon on the inside, but the bacon on the top makes up for it,” Yakle said. “It’s really good. I really like it and would buy it again.”

Fairgoers also lined up for pork at the Iowa Pork Producers booth.

Rosemary Hedlund, of West Des Moines, waited in line with her husband to eat the pork.

“The pork is one of my favorite meals,” Hedlund said. “I eat here every year.

Other new fair foods include the Fair-berry fair square, chicken fried bacon, chocolate covered chunky bacon maple nougat on-a-stick, chocolate covered cookies n cream on-a-stick, Mexican grilled corn-on-the-cob and tater dog on-a-stick.

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