Issuing licenses will not make us safer

In a recent T-R article “Tupper discusses immigration issues in Des Moines” Police Chief Tupper asked people to write letters to the editor. After reading the article, I took his advice.

The politically correct terms have changed again. In 1974 when we adopted our first child from another country, she came with an “alien registration card” and we had to register her each year until she became a naturalized citizen. Then we were told not to use the word alien and the word was immigrant. A professor at UNI insists we not use the words “undocumented immigrant” as they have documents, even though the documents may not be authentic. Now surprisingly, the term seems to be “a person who is unauthorized.”

I looked for statistics in the article that explained how we would all be safer if “unauthorized immigrants” were issued driver’s licenses. I didn’t find any evidence supporting that statement so I went looking for statistics. Amazingly, what I found did not support the premise of being safer. I looked at two states who now or did issue driver’s licenses to “unauthorized persons.” New Mexico found that it did not lessen the number of uninsured drivers and instead increased illegal immigration to the state. The state estimated it had 49,000 unauthorized persons, yet they issued 80,000 licenses to foreign nationals. Of the 50 states, New Mexico has the second highest percentage of uninsured drivers. Safer? Nothing supported that theory.

Tennessee tried issuing driver’s licenses to “unauthorized immigrants.” They have since rescinded the law as non-residents were being shuttled there from other states. There was a substantial increase in the use of false residency documents.

For those of you who think issuing driver’s licenses to unauthorized persons would increase your safety, think again. In total 63 various licenses were given to the 9/11 hijackers. Did that make it safer for the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on that terrible day? Could there be another agenda other than safety? I don’t know the answer. Do you?