P.M. Kiwanis visit newly renovated Tallcorn

The P.M. Kiwanis had a change of scene when they met at the Hotel Tallcorn on Wednesday evening for a privately led tour through the property with many explanations of changes, changes of wall and floor coverings as well as much attractive color scheme choices.

The tour guide for the evening, Jamie Bachman-Behrends, carefully explained the changes: size of rooms, availability provided with each room, added areas and the restored areas of the building. Forty-nine apartments are available and can be leased for different lengths of time, months or one up to a year.

She proceeded with a tour to the Ballroom, a huge room with a stage as well as a large area to dance, meticulously, beautifully restored with hardwood floors for dancing and swinging your partner. The band plays on the stage in full view of the dance floor. Of course, when you walk into the room your eyes immediately lift to the original glass chandeliers with row upon row of different levels of glass with lights to show off all the sparkle. Flooring is laid in approximately 2 x 8 inch flooring all meticulously placed around the dance floor, true woodcrafting. They rent this area for events which enter through the Main Street entrance, down the hall and through the wide double doors. All lighting is spectacular. The library is a large room filled with bookcases stocked with many books, tables and chairs aplenty. Parties may also be scheduled here. The exercise room, craft room, computer room are some more accommodations added to this huge building on the corner of Main Street. Everything is large with great capacity and many activities that would give a traveler plenty to brag about should they stay here. There are two lots to park your vehicle at close to the building and a small playground for children. This is one of the finest buildings ever done in this area.

In the hallway we had a short business meeting with discussion mainly centered on the 13th Street Park maintenance.

The next meeting will be at the Pizza Ranch, board meeting. Feel free to join this active group, the meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights.