Iowa River Trail topic for Noon Lions

The Noon Lions met in regular session at the Legion on Monday. President Gaylord Schossow opened the meeting.

There being no guests to introduce, he moved into music and singing with leadership provided by the trio of Doris Langenbau, Ken Niehouse and Leonard Stubbs. Wally Paige followed with the Invocation. Treasurer Roger Hackman read a couple of letters from campers at Hertke Hollow thanking the lions for their assistance.

Schossow reviewed the board meeting of July 28. Notable is the change in the Annual Radio Auction. The dates for this in 2015 will be Oct. 2629. This is better suited to Radio Station KFJB. A committee will be formed to manage the Annual Waffle Brunch. Support was given for continuance of the Peace Poster Contest. The club is no longer able to effectively participate in the Meals On Wheels project and must regrettably drop this from their community activities.

Vice President Allan Thoreson introduced the speaker of the day. John Greer shared his enthusiasm about the development of an Iowa River Trail which would extend from Marshalltown northwest through Marshall and Hardin Counties to within a few miles of Highway 20.

Greer is a second generation director of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation which works with partner organizations to protect natural landscapes throughout the state has been active since 1979. The proposed trail would run from the Marshalltown Y through several communities such as Eldora and Steamboat Rock, utilizing the old M & St L right of way. Greer said that he and his wife had ridden their bikes along that route recently. The project has received approval from various governing bodies.

This 34 miles of trail will cost an estimated $8 million and completion is scheduled for five to seven years from now.

The foundation has funds which will cover a part of the cost. The state has approved of $2 million to be divided among projects. It is possible that this trail could receive one-fourth of this.

Greer mentioned Marshalltown’s fortunate nearness to the Grimes Farm, Green Castle and the bike trail to Melbourne. This proposed trail will give a path to the north.