Two drivers took their first wins at Marshalltown in 2014 on Friday night, while three others returned to the winner’s circle. Racing action was exciting and intense all night along on J&V Napa Auto Parts Night at the Races.

The first feature of the night was the Flat Track Quads, but the initial start was called back because Richard Blom was still sitting at the start line. Travis Brandt jumped to the lead and appeared as if nothing was going to slow him down until the last lap. Something mechanical coming off four delayed Brandt and allowed Mike Rupe to sneak across the finish line in first. Brandt finished second, Jordan Brown was third, Mark Johnson was fourth and Brandon Gillette was fifth.

The Mod Lites were out next for their 15-lap feature event. Travis Stensland started on the outside front row and he grabbed the lead early. In fact, he led all the laps to take his first-ever win at Marshalltown. They were battling two- and three-wide behind him at times, and Terry Brown took runner-up honors as his brother Charlie Brown got upside-down in turn four come to the checkered. Tim Hennigar, Mike Morrill and Jimmy May were third through fifth.

Tyson Overton led the opening circuit in the 12-lap IMCA Hobby Stocks feature, but it was Gary Pfantz taking it away on lap two. Shortly thereafter, the caution came out when Garrett Eilander took a sharp right off the top in turn one. Pfantz held on to the lead until lap four when Tyler Pickett took it away. Pickett saw the caution come out on lap eight, and on the restart it was Austin Luellen working a different lane. Luellen grabbed the lead away and led the remaining laps to take his seventh win at Motown in 2014. Eric Stanton was second, Pickett third, Kyle Parizek fourth and Brice Udelhoven fifth.

It seemed like same story, different week in the Big 8 Tyre Center IMCA Northern SportMods 18-lap feature as Jenae Gustin grabbed the early lead. Not even a pair of early cautions bothered Gustin, but when she caught lap traffic, Logan Scott took the lead on lap 15. A lapped car slowed Scott down and something broke in the rear end, giving the lead back to Gustin on lap 16. Gustin went on to take her third in a row and fifth of the season at Motown. Sam Wieben worked his way up to finished second, Keagan Scott was third, Clint Luellen was fourth and Brett Lowry fifth.

Robert Stofer led the first lap in the IMCA Stock Cars 18-lap feature, but Jeff Wollam took it on lap two. Wollam grabbed the lead and held on through a pair of cautions, but Don Vis’ power plant expired, dumping oil on the track. Donavon Smith saw the spill and went to the high side, taking the lead away with two to go. Smith took the win over Wollam, Trent Murphy, Stofer and Jay Schmidt.

The final feature of the night was the 20-lap IMCA Modifieds feature. This week’s feature was different from last week’s as this one went green-to-checkered. They went four-wide on lap one and when it all settled coming across the line it was Jake Strayer out front. Strayer led the remaining laps and held challenges from Ronn Lauritzen and Joel Rust to take his first win at Motown in 2014. Rust grabbed second away from Lauritzen, while Rod Clement was fourth and Scott Simatovich finished fifth.

Next Friday will be Old Timers Lounge and Witten’s Warriors Night. Hot laps start at 7 p.m. and racing begins at 7:30 p.m.