MCBD plans rivalry game cook off

It’s an event that local die-hard Iowa State and Iowa fans compete in for a good cause before the big game.

Bruce “Bubba” Campbell, die-hard Iowa State fan and Eric Boone, die-hard Iowa fan, will barbecue ribs on Sept. 11, and compete for who collects the most cash.

Campbell and Boone will barbecue ribs and sell each rib for a donation of $1. The donations will count as a vote for the favorite team. All proceeds will benefit the Iowa River Hospice. The team that rasises the most money will be crowned cook-off champions.

The opponents agree that the cook-off is not just about the title.

“We bring the rivalry to assist and promote the success of the Iowa River Hospice,” Boone said.

Campbell said he agrees.

“I like helping them out,” he said. “They are truly a Marshalltown hospice organization.”

This is the third year the event has been held.

“It’s a widely attended event, there’s lots of fans on both sides,” said Jenny Etter, Marshalltown Central Business District director. “Get there early, they’ll sell out quick.”

JBS will be donating the ribs.

Both Campbell and Boone said they have been doing barbecuing competitions for 15 years.

The event will take place during the 5 p.m. farmer’s market event on the Marshall County Courthouse lawn.