Donations sought for World War I cemetery

This is the 100th anniversary of World War I, and Des Moines Glendale Cemetery is honoring the date by restoring Iowa’s largest veterans cemetery to steam clean the 3,300 markers of the decades of dirt. Iowa’s leader of the American Legion, Adjutant John Dernner and Iowa’s leader of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Quartermaster Adjutant Jerry Black hope all citizens will support and donate to this most worthy cause. All who donate will receive a tax deductible receipt.

This will be a complete restoration including missing markers and broken markers.

The public is invited to see this huge veterans cemetery at 4909 University which rests on 37 acres. Stop at the entrance for a map as the 37 acres are just a mile away.

If these marble markers are not steam cleaned, over a period of time when it rains an acid is created that will erode the lettering as they become “faceless,” as in serval Iowa cemeteries.

A number of young boys were killed and buried in France. However, by request of their parents, they were brought here.

This is, indeed, an ALL IOWA CEMETERY, in fact among the 3,300 markers are veterans resting from all 99 counties.

This World War I cemetery is completely dependent on public donations. As of this date only $9,672 have been donated while the low bid is $17,000. If we do not reach our goal, there will be a number of historic markers that will be lost forever and not preserved for the next generation. Again all who donate will receive a tax deductible receipt. The address is: Glendale Cemetery, 4909 University Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50311.