Sadly, crime does pay

I read the Aug. 6 T-R article concerning the promotion of driver’s license cards for unauthorized illegal aliens in Iowa.

I respectfully reserve the term immigrant for those who, like some of my long deceased relatives, enter the United States lawfully.

The coyote panel proposes to politically neutralize crime in “our town.”

Seems to me that with so much assured safety the coyote panel would offer the deal to the authorized community in “our town” as well.

Phony documents and names are no problem so all the authorized would need additionally to qualify is a list of authorized laws from which to choose to break.

As long as there is spiritual and monetary benefit for the U.S. coyote,s the enablers will persist and remain as guilty of human trafficking as coyotes south of the border.

This political pandering with complete lack of discouragement aimed at potential victims also demonstrates local law enforcement’s complete disregard for the safety of their fellow officers on border patrol.

The sad fact is that in my hometown and “our town,” crime does pay.