MCBD applies for grants to renovate building

The Marshalltown Central Business District received the city’s support to apply for two grants that will help renovate the Kibbey Building.

The Kibbey Building located at 125-131 E. Main St., is next to the empty lot at 135 E. Main St., that was home to a historic building destroyed by an arson fire.

The east side of the Kibbey Building was never meant to be an outside wall and renovations are needed, said Jenny Etter, MCBD director.

The MCBD will apply for Main Street Iowa’s Challenge Grant for $75,000 to start rehabilitation to commercial space on the ground floor, Etter said.

A core group of MCBD members are working with Region 6 to obtain a Community Development Block Grant for about $1.3 million for renovations for four second-floor residential units and the east wall, Etter said.

“This renovation helps protect the building to make it structurally sound,” she said. “It’s really important to the integrity of the building to have it done. Anytime you can preserve a historic site it’s vitally important to our downtown historic district.”

Renovations could start as early as November, Etter said.

The MCBD will sell the property to Barb Hagstrand, of Marshalltown and Jeff Mitchell, of Cedar Rapids.

Hagstrand and Mitchell will also co-own the vacant lot next to the building. The lot will be turned into a green space and two to three trees will be planted in the fall, Hagstrand said.

The vacant three-story historic building that sat on the lot was destroyed in an arson fire in February 2012. Andrew Burke, of Marshalltown, is serving a 25-year prison sentence for the arson.