County plans $225,000 culvert replacement

Marshall County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt has plans so replace a concrete box culvert bridge on Marble Road (E18) with and expected price tag of $225,000.

The culvert is more than 20 feet long, so technically it’s known as a bridge, he said.

It is located less than a mile west of Highway 14 toward Liscomb.

Geilenfeldt said there are problems with the sidewalls of the current culvert.

“The structure is not sufficient to carry overweight loads that are often permitted to use county routes,” Geilenfeldt said. “Any further deterioration of this structure would cause us to place weight restrictions on the culvert.”

The current concrete box culvert was built in 1958. The county expects to let the project out to bid in December with construction planned for 2015.

The board of supervisors recently approved temporary easements with landowners in the area including Dean Sharp and William Elliott to allow construction crews to utilize their property for the work.

This will be the first of two box culverts to be replaced on E18 as another at Oxford Avenue is planned for next year due to the same set of concerns, Geilenfeldt said.