Williams’ films become popular in Marshalltown

Movies featuring the late Robin Williams can barely stay on the shelves at a local video rental store.

Since the Williams’ death earlier this week, Family Video, 104 W. State St., has had numerous inquires for the movies featuring the actor.

“The only ones we have in stock are the ones that just get dropped in,” said Danesh Surendran, manager of Family Video. “Then people rent them immediately.”

Even his old movies are popular, Surendran said.

“Even in his lesser known ones like ‘Death to Smoochy,’ those are even renting,” Surendran said. “Popular movies like ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Dead Poet Society,’ we have two copies of each, they are never on the shelves.”

Before Williams died, “Good Will Hunting” has been rented twice this year. Following his death, it has been rented five times, Surendran said.

“‘Death to Smoochy’ didn’t rent at all in the last two years and has been rented twice this month,” Surendran. “Everybody is coming in asking what titles we have of his.

He said customers are sad he died.

“He was a huge, huge part of the motion picture community,” Surendran said.