Children antsy for baby No. 3

“When is baby going to come out?”

We hear this all the time from our 2-year-old in our household as we expect baby No. 3 later this winter.

I guess the 2-year-old has no idea of the incubation time for humans and is getting antsy. He just sees a bump in mama’s belly and wants to see what’s inside.

Just like he knows the baby exists, the growing being inside his mama really knows about the older brother.

That’s because the older brother, in all of his loud toddler-ness, makes the baby kick when he is up close to mama being the loud toddler that he can be.

The moment we first told our kids that their mother is pregnant is something I’ll treasure. We decided to walk to the tower at Grimes Farm and tell them atop the tower.

It made for a much more scenic video than if it were in our toy-cluttered living room, the setting for most of the videos of our kids.

Our 5-year-old let out a big scream when we told her. She also just wanted to clarify that indeed she would still be the oldest child in the family.

She was also old enough to take into the ultrasound when we found out the gender of the baby – which was pretty cool for her.

As I get older, I’m thinking this third one could be challenging – especially in the lack of sleep department for me.

I already drink way too much pop than I should. Will this third child have me graduate finally to something stronger? Maybe high-octane coffee?

Who knows, but I’m going to enjoy my full nights of sleep now. At least we’ve been through this before and we know what it takes.

I’m running out of space for more gray hair anyway, so I might as well get ready for another ride and hold on tight.

I’ve already been told by a reader jokingly that we are having our third kid just to give me more to write about in this column.

I can assure you that is not the case. Besides, journalists are supposed to report the story not make their own story.

Since our last kid was the New Year’s baby in 2012 and on the front page of the Times-Republican, it seems somehow I end up doing both.

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