A good place to buy a house?

Why is it that Marshalltown was voted as a town to buy a house in? I don’t know who voted it as such but the T-R recently reported it.

Is it because of good schools? Lots of jobs? A good place to live the American dream? OR just cheap houses? How about it is because we have a police chief that supports the Constitution and the laws of this nation? Or our city fathers are looking out for our best interests and getting in new industries instead of spending money we don’t have and then raising our real estate taxes.

Did you ever wonder who rides all the city buses. Or, where does your real estate taxes go? The tax assessor get 1 percent of your tax dollar, you can be sure he/she/them are concerned with keeping taxes down! Here’s one – when was the last time someone got a speeding ticket or excessive noise ticket? Who enforces all the city code ordinances? You? Me?

The sign coming into Marshalltown had some graffiti painted on it recently and the police chief was worried about – not the vandalism – but the vision of Marshalltown being seen as a little Mexico.

Marshalltown has so much manufacturing and construction that the city is concerned there are not enough food vending trucks on the streets, so we need to change laws to ensure enough are available and where they can go – and the police force isn’t enforcing the laws concerning them anyway.

And here again the chief is on a panel to see if our illegal immigrants should have Iowa driver’s licenses. Is he a police chief or a politician or maybe a superhero?

And why is he so concerned about the immigrants instead of enforcing bonified laws and making Marshalltown safer?

Our city planners and city fathers are doing what – you guessed it spending more money – new fire station, new police station and allowing paid city employees to promote immigrants (illegal or otherwise). Why?

The main point that I am trying to make is this: If our city planners, city fathers, and our city employees concerned themselves with the laws of this nation and the Constitution of the United States and even the laws of this fine state, than we indeed would have a town to buy a house in, and yes, even a town to be proud of.