Power plant project progresses

“There’s a crane.”

Kenn Vinson, of Alliant Energy, gave the public and Marshalltown city council members an update of the progress on the site of the Alliant Energy power plant Monday during its meeting.

“It’s going well,” he said. “We finally have a crane on site.”

Vinson showed photos of construction trailers on the 60-80 acre site for the 650-megawatt power plant.

“They have been put together and generators have been brought in,” Vinson said. “Everything looks good as far as the trailer is concerned. There will also be another set of construction trailers coming in very shortly.”

He showed another photo of the “bathtub,” the main power-block and building. The excavation for that is being done on the south-side, Vinson said.

The plant straddles Quarry Road.

“That road is still open because it’s the only way to get into the plant at this point in time,” Vinson said.

Test piling could start soon, he said.

“They will probably come in and do some test pilings and see what the condition of the soil is,” Vinson said. “If it’s to their liking and they’ll start pouring some footings and pilings in for the power-blocks and main building.”

The main entrance will be at East Nevada Street, he said.

The power plant will take two and a half years to complete and infrastructure construction will start next year.

It will power more than 500,000 homes.

The power plant will be a combined-cycle and natural gas-fueled generating station. KBR, of Texas will be the contractor.

The current Alliant Energy power plant in Marshalltown, is slated to close by 2016.

“It’s a great project,” said Mayor Jim Lowrance.