Teenager’s felony sexual abuse charge dropped

A Marshalltown teenager’s charges of committing a burglary while impersonating a public official with the intentions of committing an assault have been dismissed.

Tristian MacDonald, 17, received a deferred judgement Monday and his charges of third-degree sexual abuse, a Class C felony, third-degree harassment and two counts of simple assault were dropped.

MacDonald was charged in March for allegedly gaining entry into a Marshalltown home while claiming he was a police officer looking for narcotics and proceeding to conduct physical searches of the people inside.

Judge Tim Finn warned MacDonald, after dismissing charges, that he must obey the law or there will be serious ramifications.

“You’re a young man, you screwed up,” Judge Finn said to MacDonald. “Change your behavior. If you don’t you will have a significant penalty.”

Defense Attorney Aaron Siebrecht said MacDonald takes online classes through Marshalltown schools and has interest in joining the military or law enforcement.

MacDonald will be on probation for a year, pay all of the court costs, pay a civil penalty fee and victim restitution.