Stop putting drivers at risk

No reply from the Marshall County supervisor when complaints of rural and county road care is overdone and leaving roads unsafe. Look at the shoulders of County Road S-62 aka Hopkins Road. Ask yourself if it is safe for a motorist to pull over if car problems occur, especially near Bangor. Likewise, try keeping your vehicle stable after a rain shower on the gravel roads that have been over scraped leaving the roads too soft to handle even a half-inch rainfall. My parents came to visit and nearly got pulled into the ditch because of muddy and soft sides on our road. We never had this problem until the last three years. Do we have that much excess money we need to work the roads that much. I doubt it. Please use the maintainers for better purposes and stop putting drivers at risk. If you really want to see the difference, compare the gravel road and where it was treated with syrup for dust control where they can’t scrape.