Locals learn firefighting hands-on

A group of everyday citizens will find out what it takes to be a local firefighter.

Next week, eight people will learn how physical being a firefighter for the Marshalltown Fire Department actually is during the MFD’s Citizens Academy.

Scott Johnson, acting fire chief, said the members of the academy will work alongside a firefighter and participate in hands-on activities including search and rescue, hose deployment, ladders, vehicle extraction and extinguishing fires.

“We show them all the different aspects of firefighting and what we do,” he said. “We just want to get it out there and promote what we do so people understand it.”

After participating in the academy, Johnson said some participants have become volunteer firefighters for surrounding communities.

“It’s opened their eyes,” he said. “It’s something they found out they like to do so they volunteered.”

Johnson said he is welcoming anyone interested in participating in the academy next year.

“It’s fun,” he said.

Those interested for next year can contact Johnson at 754-5751. The academy is free.

This is the fourth year the academy has been offered to the public.